Kleenco Old Time Wood Floor Wash

Kleenco Old Time Wood Floor Wash

  • Used with excellent results on all non-waxed, clear coated finished floors: Polyuretheane, Swedish finish, moisture cured urethanes, oil modfiied urethanes, water based urethanes, conversion varnish and acrylic impregnated polymers.
  • Works equally well on hard surface, high pressure laminated flooring: Wilsonart, Formica, Armstrong, Pergo, Bruce & many more
  • Milde acid formula prevents darkenign and grayng of light colored woods.  Works to preserve and protect the color and luster of natural wood floors
  • Quickly & gently dissolves dulling build-ups of dirt and grime.  Restores the orignial sheen and luster of all types of finished wood floors with a deep cleaning action on excesively dirty floors.
  • Perfect for daily, residue-free cleaning of all types of finished hardwood and high-pressure laminate follr products.  Will not leave any dulling, oily film or finish inhibiting residues.
  • Info


  • Info

    Old Time Wood Wash is an innovative, low PH solution deisgned for effective cleaning fot both hardwood and hardsurface laminate floors.  Regualr use will preserve the natural beauty of wood floors & not leave any dulling film.

    Dilute with water into a spray bottle to make an econimical ready-to-use spray and wipe cleaner for daily cleaning and emergency cleanup, or use more concentrated for for deep cleaning and stain removal.

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